Retail vs. Resale: The Best Items to Buy In May

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Spring blossoms preparing for summer in May. Sales are in full bloom too with the Memorial Day holiday on the horizon. May is a spectacular time to purchase a range of products like new furniture, appliances and clothing since its perfectly sandwiched between the end of spring and the start of summer.



See our guide on the best purchases for the month of May to shop smart and find the best deals.



May is a great month to buy furniture because it holds one of the three biggest shopping days; Memorial Day. According to experts at, “[t]hree of the biggest blowout shopping days are Black Friday, Labor Day and Memorial Day.” Memorial Day is great to look for furniture and home-décor discounts. Mattresses, sofas and sectionals are often discounted by up to 60% in stores and online around Memorial Day weekend. For extra savings shop retail for unique furniture items at a fraction of the retail cost.


Large & Small Kitchen Appliances

Memorial Day will usher in a host of sales and discounts on appliances. Major kitchen appliances like refrigerators will be discounted up to 40% off retail for new models. If you shop like-new resale or refurbished appliances, you can expect discounts on refrigerators and more up to 70% off original retail prices. You can find small kitchen appliances, such as electronic cookware, coffee makers and blenders at amazing prices on websites like or at a local Caring Transitions estate sale.


Home Goods

May is a great time to find statement pieces and other home décor items at discounted prices. Since Mother’s day lands in this month as well as wedding season, home goods are discounted to entice shoppers with great gift offerings. Experts at suggest “[t]hroughout the month, you’ll see sales popping up... Keep an eye out for discounts of up to 30% from home-goods retailers.”


Resale or Secondhand Goods

Retail trends show May is the perfect time to buy secondhand goods. Since spring cleaning yields an abundance of donations at thrift stores and results in estate sales throughout many communities, purchasing resale in May can be very beneficial. Experts at say May is “a win-win: Sell your old stuff and replace it with new (to you) thrift store finds.”


Spring & Athletic Shoes or Apparel

Expect discounts up to 90% off on certain apparel types as retailers make room for summer apparel. For added discounts shop resale to save more. From basic items like shirts and slacks to more expensive items and designer apparel, shoppers often pay 100-350% in retail markups when shopping with a traditional store. Retail trends experts recommend waiting until mid to late May to shop for clothing because prices will drop to amazing lows in both the retail and resale market. 

Items to Avoid Purchasing in May

  • Summer Apparel
  • Swimsuits
  • Laptops and Tablets
  • Jewelry
  • Grills
  • Outdoor Furniture 

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